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Electrical, Instrumentation & Control Systems


Bare Conductors

Insulated Conductors ,Armor-clad cable ,Metal-clad cable Fiber Optic Instrumentation & Control Control or instrumentation Shielded power & control,Photovoltaic; Offshore; Telecom

Cable Tray

Ladder Cable Tray, Channel Instrumentation Tray, Flanged Instrumentation Tray

Wireway ,Structural support

Junction Box

Type4&Type12 (Ip66)

2door Type12 (Ip55)

Type4X (IP66) 304 SS

Type4X (IP55) 316L SS


Cabling Assemblies

Automation Connector

Mid/High Power Connector

Networking Connector

Electronic Cabinets

Aisle Containment System

Dual line Wall Mount System

Grounding & earthing

Earth/Ground Rods & Plates

Mechanical Connectors

Compression Connectors

Exothermic Welding

Electronic protectors

Lightning protection

Conventional air terminals

ESE air terminals

Mechanical Connectors

Surge & Power Protection

Uninterrupted Power Supply 

Power Conditioners 

Voltage Regulators

Clean Power Distribution

DC Power Supplies

Surge Protection Devices

Power Factor Corrector

Isolation Transformer

Power Generator

Heat Tracing

Self Regulating heating cable Power limiting heating cable Series, Resistance heating cable Constant wall heating cable ,Mineral insulated heating cable, Tubing bundles, Tank Heaters,

System accessories


Buck-boost transformer Drive Isolation transformer Dry-type distribution transformer

Load isolation transformer

Industrial control transformer

Resin encapsulated transformer

Hazardous location transformer

K-factor transformer

Harmonic mitigation transformer

Castcoil transformer

 Substation transformer

Switch Gear

LV Distribution Panel

LV Switch Gear

MV metal clad switch gear MV arc resistant metal clad switch gear

MV substation circuit breaker Package unit substation Walk in Enclosure


Instrumentation & Control


flow measurement



Gas chromatograph

Control valves

Valve instrumentation


Control & automation software

Motors & Motor Controls

NEMA AC Motors

Large AC Motors

IEC LV Motors


Motor Control Center

IEC Motor Control General purpose motor control

Solar PV Modules

Monocrystalline Modules

Multicrystalline Modules


Cathodic Protection

Linear Anode/ Mini Deep Anode

Custom anodes

Mixed metal oxide anodes Graphite anodes Cast Iron anodes Al/Mg/Zn Anodes

Backfill for CP System


Top loading arms


Long Reach Self Supported

Long Reach Supported Boom Type

Pentograph Type

Sliding Type ( Co-Axil Pipe)

Self Balanced Type

Partial Type

Change Over Pipe Line

Basic Specifications

Material : Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminium. Seals : PTFE, Viton or Buna' N

Size : 50 NB, 80 NB & 100 NB

Balancing : Spring Balancing

Testing Pressure : 15 Kg/sq.Cm

Bottom Loading Arms

 Single Post Long Reach Type

Double Post Long Reach Type

A-Frame Type

Hose Loader Type

Basic Specifications

Material : Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel. Seals : Buna'N or Viton

Size : 50 NB or 80 NB Balancing : Spring Balancing Testing Pressure : 35 Kg / Sq.Cm

Accessories for Bottom Loading Arms

Emergency Release Coupling

Quick Connect Coupling

Hammer Union

Accessories for top loading arms

Over Spill Protection Device


Safety Stairways

Position Sensor


Quick Shut Off Valve


Vacuum Breaker


Valve position indicator


Project Procurement & Supply Chain Management services:

Product Range:


Electrical & Instrumentation Products:

  • Customized HV/MV/LV Switchboard Panel: PCC, MCC, PLC, PrismaiPM Smart Panels, APFC, AMF, DG Synchronizing, Auto Load Management, VCB Panels
  • Bus ducts, Isolator, Rising Mains, Feeder Pillars, FSU units in Glass Fiber Reinforced Enclosures, Distribution Boards-IP 43/54/55 Configuration.
  • 33/11/0.4kV Power/Distribution Transformers (Oil/Dry type), Compact Packaged Sub-stations
  • UPS System, Battery Charger, Battery bank and AC Drives
  • Different Type/Size of Junction Boxes/Push button stations, Receptacles up to IP Class 67
  • Earth strips, electrodes, Lightening protection, air terminals, ESE terminals
  • Instrument & Mimic Panel, Control Desks, PLC Panels
  • Different sizes of Galvanized Cable Trays-Ladder & perforated with accessories
  • Swaged or Tubular, Octagonal Poles, High Mast Lighting System

Process equipments

Process Equipment

Gas Processing

Oil Processing


Well Manifold


Oil dehydrators


Refraction Tower

Production Paks

Electrostatic separators


Heat Exchanger

Methanol recovery



Pig Launcher & Receiver

Water in oil coalescers


Gas dehydration


Fuel Gas Production Package

Indirect Heaters


Glycol regeneration


Valve Skid/Metering Skid

Water bath heaters


Filter & gas coalescers


Vertical Gas Scrubber

Salt bath heaters




Condensate Flash Drum

High efficiency separators


Fuel/Gas Compressor Package

Gas sweetening systems

Flow Splitter


Vision & Mission CASPIAN


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